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Thanks for stopping by! We love hair, just like you do, and we hope you can find just what you need here. We have a growing selection of tape, clip-in, weft, and ponytail 100% human hair extensions, accessories and haircare products available through our website and leading salons.

You will see tape hair extensions at virtually every movie or TV award show, worn by celebrities, the hottest models and on women across the world. They are the most innovative and effective semi-permanent type of hair extensions that you'll find today.

PureStrands premium grade human hair tape extensions are as individual as you are. Tape hair extensions are the best hair extensions available internationally. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is thin, short or just normal.

PureStrands tape hair extensions give you the texture which is as close as possible to your natural hair to give you the best blend. PureStrands hair extensions will give you the length and volume you have always wanted.

To get the "wow-factor", you need the advice of our professional hair extension stockists. Their consultants will help you figure out what suits your hair type, lifestyle and finances best.